We are Sarah Otto and Matt Potts, founders of Goodness Lover and producers of all the programs on this page. We truly believe that by teaching others the pathway to health, we have the power to change lives. By working together, we can impact generations to come by raising awareness and giving people the tools they need to restore their health. We’d be honoured to have you join us as a speaker in Microbiome.

What is Microbiome?

Microbiome is a 10-part masterclass series and as the name suggests, we’ll be diving deep into the crucial role our microbiome plays in our overall health, from preventing disease to helping treat today’s chronic conditions.

We’d love to lock you in for an interview!

If you are available, we will send a local videographer to your home or office and our writer, Meghan Malia, will join you virtually to conduct the interview, which will just take a few hours of your time.

Meet our super talented writer!

Meghan Malia has been with the Goodness Lover team for nearly 4 years and worked on all of our previous series. Meghan will be the one conducting the interview and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the project. 

You can book a pre-interview call directly with her.

Some of the incredible speakers
we have interviewed before:

Dr. Achina Stein

Dr. Asia Muhammad

Dr. Brooke Goldner

Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Catherine Clinton

Dr. Cyrus Khambatta

Dr. Daryl Gioffre

Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. Felice Gersh

Dr. Fred Harvey

Dr. Heather Moday

Dr. Heather Shenkman

Dr. Ilana Gurevich

Dr. Jason Hawrelak

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

Kiran Krishnan

Dr. Liz Lipski

Dr. Matthew Nagra

Dr. Maya Shetreat

Dr. Micah Yu

Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Ocean Robbins

Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Sarina Pasricha

Dr. Wendy Romig

Dr. Will Bulsievicz

Dr. Will Cole

Past Programs:

We are known for creating highly actionable, useful health content with high-end video production. 

The Inflammation Solution is a 10-part masterclass series. Viewers learn everything they should know about inflammation. Top medical experts show how we can improve our health and slash our disease risk. Viewers learn the simple yet powerful steps we can take now to live a longer, happier life.

The Gut-Immune Solution is a 10-part series that gives viewers the tools and understanding to foster a robust immune system – and reduce their risk of chronic disease – all by cultivating a healthy microbiome. 

The Gut Solution is an 10-episode series that not only uncovers the little-known causes of poor gut health, but provides practical tools to repair this vital organ. Presented by over 40 leading experts and doctors, The Gut Solution posits, “if you can heal your microbiome, your microbiome will heal you”.

The Gut-Brain Solution is a transformative program empowers its viewers with the tools and insights to overcome stubborn digestive problems and mental health challenges. By understanding the two-way link between the mind and the gut, we can put our suffering behind us and enjoy the life we are meant to live.

Important Dates: Mark Your Calendars!

Interviews Shooting

September 6th - November 11th, 2022

Promotional Period

January 30th - February 13th, 2023

Screening Period

February 13th - February 26th, 2023

Interview Instructions

We will provide the interview topics and questions in advance of your interview so that you have enough time to prepare. To discuss the topics and questions we recommend that you book a short call with Meghan before your interview.

A quiet room with artificial lighting and blinds or drapes on any exposed windows. Ideally the room to allow 5-10 feet of open space between you and the wall behind you, along with 5-10 feet in front of you for setting up the cameras and lights. Any room will do, including an office, exam room, or kitchen.

Business casual dress or a lab coat. Opt for a top that does not display patterns and that will not blend into your background.

The videographer will arrive to set up one hour before your interview is scheduled to begin. The interview will last 1.5 – 2.5 hours (depending on your availability) and the videographer will need half an hour to pack up their equipment once they are done filming.

We will provide the videographer’s name and contact information as soon as a videographer is confirmed for your preferred day and time.